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The finest and most delicious Raw Honey products that you will ever taste!


Welcome to Quercus Honey!

We sell quality honey products that are made from Raw Honey and Certified Organic ingredients.

Quercus Honey is a small family business that developed from a bee hobby. We have a passion for Raw Honey and unique, healthy ‘foodie’ products and gifts. All of our Raw Honey is produced right here in Mpumalanga. We are true boutique beekeepers with 120 hives spread across the High- and Lowveld of Mpumalanga.

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Quercus Health is our family business that we started in beautiful Ermelo, City of oaks, hence the name Quercus, which is Latin for oak tree.

The Brundyns are passionate about the environment and they try to minimise their carbon footprint by sourcing their organic produce as locally as possible.

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Our beehives rotate between the Highveld and Lowveld, depending on the season when specific plants flower for the bees to work on. In summer the bees work on Eucalyptus trees and kidney beans on the Highveld. Autumn the bees are moved to the forestry areas of Mkondo from where it is moved to tree crops in the Lowveld when these start to flower in late winter and spring.

We value conservation and community. 

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