Raw Honey | 1500g catering size


To have all the health benefits of honey, it is important to buy local, pure, raw South African honey.  This is the best you can do in the area of sweeteners.

Remember that colour differences occur, depending on the flowers that the bees used to produce the honey.

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Pure raw honey’s health benefits are well documented.  Raw means never heated above hive temperature and the hive temperature is 37°C.  Heat treating or pasteurising honey damages the delicate composition of healthy ingredients in it. Our raw honey is not filtered, therefor the pollen is in tact. There are also tiny fragments of propolis and wax.

Our honey is harvested from family-owned hives in Mpumalanga and is therefore not irradiated as is the requirement for imported honey.  The irradiation process also has a negative effect on the health benefits of the honey.

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