Lees meer oor #KAMERS2019 in die Beeld.com! Wat ‘n wonderlike inisiatief om mense meer bewus te maak van enkelgebruik-plastiek saam met Consol Glass.

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Quercus Mentoring Program

Various young people from different walks of life are welcomed into our mentoring and skills training programme. We believe it is important to impart what we have learned along the way. Sowing skills reaps a harvest of equipped young people, and it breeds hope for the future.

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The Brundyn family; Timon, Marius, Charis, Lusanti and Carla.

Living the good life…

The whole family is actively involved in the business with Marius and Charis managing the hives and honey harvest and Lusanti, Timon and Carla seeing to the packaging, marketing and admin side. Carla is the brain behind the new range of raw honey products that include pots filled with golden deliciousness, infused with among others: cardamon, cinnamon, ginger and lots more!

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Weg Platteland


Read more about Quercus’s spiced raw honey in the Summer 2018-’19 edition of the Go! Platteland.

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